$ npm install -g ui5-schemas
$ ui5-schemas

What is it?

UI5 Schemas allows you to develop SAPUI5/OpenUI5 XML Views at a maximum convenience. It downloads, upgrades and sets up SAPUI5/OpenUI5 XML schemas for a better development experience in your favorite IDE (if it is WebStorm ;).

Why should I use it?

Don’t get me wrong: I like using SAP Web IDE for certain tasks like project creation from templates, WYSIWYG view editing, extensibility, mock data generation asf. But for doing the real coding work I want to use an environment that gives me maximum support and control. Not to even mention performance… Unfortunately SAP leaves you with no real choice besides SAP Web IDE since the SAPUI5 Tools for Eclipse is suboptimal at best…

My IDE of choice for web development definitely is WebStorm. And ever since I am developing SAPUI5 in WebStorm I try to optimize the development experience. One of the first and easiest steps was to extract the SAPUI5 schemas from the Eclipse Tools and use them in WebStorm as described earlier by SAP Mentor Robin van het Hof here. That already gives you a nice speed up while developing XMLViews and Fragments esp. when coming from zero support.

Anyways doing this is quite a bit of work… Besides that the schemas are not covering the whole story of XML views and fragments you will have to redo all of this when switching SAPUI5 versions. And that is were UI5 Schemas steps in:

What it does?

UI5 Schemas

  • downloads all libraries XML schemas for a certain SAPUI5 or OpenUI5 version and stores it in a temporary folder in your project
  • applies some fixes on the schemas e.g. adding ‘class’ or ‘controllerName’ as valid attributes
  • auto-registers the schemas with your project if you are using a JetBrains IDE (.idea folder exists; restart might be necessary).

And you get all of that by this two little lines:

$ npm install -g ui5-schemas
$ ui5-schemas

With npm5 things get even easier:

$ npx ui5-schemas


UI5 Schemas is released in a development version for now. Please let me know of any issues on github and I will try to improve.

What do you think?

Please let me know what you think of this tool. What development setup do you use out there and how do you improve your SAPUI5 development experience outside of SAP Web IDE? Feel free to suggest features and improvements in the github repository or even contribute. I can’t wait for your feedback!

If you like what you see I appreciate your support. Spread the word, star the repository or do whatever you do to have more people benefit from this little helper.


UI5 Schemas is now featured on This article was also published on SCN.